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Linux version doesn't seem to work,sadly.

Hey Bruno, how are you doing? 
As usual Linux version does not on your machine, but works on everyone else's 

actually, same here :D

what arch did you built it? i'm on a amd64, it doesn't run.

So you admit to be making games to deliberately torment me.

Literally crashed my machine.
The game is great though, I blame unity. :P

(Linux Mint 19 Tara)

will look into that then.

When it's other people, you look into it. Where is the love, Isaque, where is the love?


Hello there! I gotta say that I just love your game! I've been moving my head on the beat for the whole time playing haha! Took me a little while to understand that you could move only when the screen was red and press space to make your character move straight while the screen is blue though. Try to add some different modes maybe (touch all the dancers and finally touch the bear for example). Keep up the good work guys! (Again I love the music haha) 

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hey there @GDWC thanks for the feedback,
we'll be submitting then :)


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