ELON MUSK BATTLE ROYALE is a party game where you have to distinguish real Elon Musk tweets from fake ones to survive.
The game is offline and inputless (it's really just an over-engineered slideshow) so it supports any number of players (we recommend between 10-20, but you could try playing with 1000+).

1. Draw a line on the floor (duck tape also works) perpendicular to the screen, splitting the room into two areas.
2. Some tweets are real and some are fake. When a new tweet appears, each player has to bet on the authenticity of the tweet by moving to the right or the left side of the line before the timer runs out.
3. Players who make wrong bets are eliminated. The last standing player wins.

Start by pressing "enter" and go back to the main menu by holding "enter".

Musk's sense of humor can often be crude. The inclusion of crude tweets is in no way condonment from us.

Made at  Nordic Game Jam 2022 by
David Filipe
Isaque Sanches
João Antunes

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsIsaque Sanches, David Filipe, João Eiras Antunes

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