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The game lags a lot despite extremely simple graphics!

I describe the linux verison of this game as 54 MB of no files. Please do something about it, thanks.

downloaded and played fine the gnu/linux version - no hidden files there - try downloading again...

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I did just that, nitrofurano, and now my house is on fire and my brain has been eaten by runaway sharks.

I tried again and it is working now. Provided the experience is being in a pink screen and while some piano notes are played by my hitting the movement keys. With Isaque's games, I never know if it's some bug of the linux version or if it is really what it was supposed to be.

Oh well.

P.s.:I reported your post as off-topic by mistake. I'm sorry about that. I'm trying to understand how to undo the report, but given that the text of the report is a reply to you directly, I think it is pretty clear what happened.

no problem, i know perfectly what it is (i'm often pressing the wrong buttons again and again) - perhaps you might want to try on other computers, or in some having a more recent gpu (like those supporting OpenGL 4 and beyond)